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First blog post

With the lack of an obvious “About Me” page , this first post will do until I find something better . 🙂

My (not so) Golden Path … (Dune ref)

Ever since I’ve throttled back from two fandom’s that I’ve been involved with in one way or another , I’ve been searching for that “next thing” to catch my interest (hello obsessive persona 🙂 ) .

It took a long time (literally years) , to try to boil issues down — and in the end,  things actually boiled upwards,  as events around the world happened that either weren’t there before , or weren’t there in such magnitude for me to notice or be concerned about .

Well … either all that or something akin to a quote attributed to Churchill (among others) happened :

” if you’re not liberal in your 20’s , you have no heart … — but if you’re not conservative in your 40’s , you have no brains .”

(the actual quote has morphed from person to person in the last 150+ years.
http://quoteinvestigator.com/2014/02/24/heart-head/    )

Thus I found some of my ideas and ideals morphing — and while I just didn’t see myself “joining the other side” and moving to the Right side of the political spectrum , I did see my topics of interest being shaped by my internal reformation — becoming (in random order) :

– Institutionalized media & political analysis VS independent media & analysis .

– The US & EU campuses and my two concerns there .

– “The Regressive Left” — a term coined by Maajid Nawaz (former Islamist and current proponent as a Muslim for a Reformation within Islam) .

– The hot potato that will (even with the best of intentions) get me labeled as an “Islamophobe” — namely Islam .

– Secularism and secular values in Israel — and how it’s being literally out-bread to a point that raise some worries for the long term future of my country .

– Political & demographic shifts in Israel — both in the civilian sector and the military .

I hope to write a little more on these topics as I will post some of the videos & podcasts that I … go to sleep with — and often go back to as I snooze off in the middle . 🙂